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Winter snow limits local checkpoints

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Snow. Ice. Snow. Ice. Cold. Are you as tired of it as we are?

Let’s not discuss it any further. The fact of the matter is, the weather has us down, but we’re still trying to go about our business here at Taubman Law. In so doing, we made our regular calls to local police stations to find out if there are any DUI/OVI checkpoints this weekend.

From our calls, it looks as though the snow and ice is also preventing the law from scheduling anything. We couldn’t find an area in Northeast Ohio that was having a checkpoint but, as always, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your responsibility to drive safely. The snow and ice make roads treacherous enough. If you’re going to be out and about having a drink, designate a driver. Trust us, it’s safest that way.

That’s all for this week. Stay warm and dry. If you need us for anything from OVI/DUI defense to workers’ comp claim help, give us a buzz.



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