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Happy Friday Ohio OVI Blog readers. It’s after 1 as of this posting, so hopefully you found a way to ditch work and enjoy this 60-degree November day. If we weren’t so dedicated to our clients over here at Taubman Law, we would be on the golf course right now.

Alas, duty calls. Below you will find a list of all the places we called this week to ask about check points. Overall it looks like a pretty quiet weekend on the check point front. We will, of course, let you know if we hear about anything tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t take this as an opportunity to be foolish. Cops throughout Northeast Ohio are still looking for drunk drivers.

Also, keep in mind that Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and that is one of the busiest travel times of the year. There will be cops all over, so figure out your holiday plans now. Either designate a driver or just stay at Grandma Joyce’s house. Whatever you decide, be safe.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget that we here at the Ohio OVI Blog work at Taubman Law, a boutique firm that fights for our clients. Should you get into any trouble with OVI/DUI, need an attorney for personal injury or workers’ comp, or want to offer us free tickets to watch the Browns this weekend, give us a call or email.

Akron/Summit County – NO
Beachwood – NO
Bedford – NO
Berea – NO
Brecksville – NO
Brooklyn – NO
Brooklyn Heights – NO
Cleveland Heights – NO
Cleveland – None scheduled as of right now, we will give you an update if that changes.
Elyria – NO
Garfield Heights – NO
Kent – NO
Lakewood – NO
North Ridgeville – NO
Euclid – NO
Ohio Highway Patrol – None scheduled in Cuyahoga County.
Independence – NO
Maple Heights – NO
Medina – NO
Mentor – NO
Middleburg – NO
North Royalton – NO
Olmsted Falls – NO
Olmsted Township – NO
Parma – NO
Parma Heights – NO
Rocky River – NO
Sandusky – NO
Shaker Heights – NO
Seven Hills – NO
Seville – NO
South Euclid – NO
Streetsboro- NO
Strongsville – NO
University Heights – NO
Valley View – NO
Wadsworth – NO
Warren – Call back tomorrow
Westlake – NO
Youngstown – NO

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Hello Ohio OVI Blog fans. Today is Veterans Day, which has made it impossible to put together our list of check points for this weekend.

Don’t worry; more offices will be open tomorrow and we’ll get the information.

In the meantime, thank a veteran today.

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Monday is here and it’s back to work. The grind of a work week is bad enough, but if you had a rough weekend – that is, if you ran into trouble with the law for OVI or DUI – the pressure is probably getting to you.

The fact of the matter is the cost and punishment potential for an OVI or DUI conviction in Ohio is steep. Regardless of your driving record, you need experienced legal representation to make sure your rights are protected.

At Taubman Law we handle DUI/OVI cases every day. Our Cuyahoga County DUI site is a great resource for the rules and regulations in Ohio, and we are always happy to take a phone call or an email to help you get your case squared away. Dealing with an OVI or DUI is tough. Let us help.

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Every week here at the Ohio OVI Blog we put out a check point list that we hope will encourage people to realize that the police are out looking for drunk drivers. We do this because we don’t want drunk drivers on the streets of Cleveland. We really don’t.

Often we get messages from people who heed our warnings – people who designate a driver before they down their first Christmas Ale. Still, though, our message doesn’t get out to just everybody. So today we’d like to highlight another reason you don’t want to get an OVI or DUI in Ohio: The mug shot.

Here is a story about celebrity David Cassidy. He was charged with DUI last week and hauled down to the police station where they took this beautiful glamour shot of his mug.

So what’s the moral of this story? Listen to the Ohio OVI Blog. Don’t drink and drive. If you do, you’ll get a DUI – which is expensive – and your ugly mug shot will end up in the papers. Is that what you want?

For more on some of the horrors of DUI, visit our site Cuyahoga County DUI.com which goes into some of the punishments for conviction.

As loyal readers of the Ohio OVI blog know, we care about safe streets throughout Northeast Ohio. We like the people of this area and we want to stop them from driving drunk or running into any trouble with the law. Because of that, we often post check point lists before the weekend so people understand the legal risks they take when they decide to drive drunk.

Similarly, we want to warn people of a driver’s license check point later today in Cleveland at W. 117th and Linnet Ave. The purpose of this check point will be to intercept unlicensed drivers. It’s unsafe to drive without a license, and police are on the lookout for it. Here is the press release from the Cleveland Police from earlier today.

As we always say, drive safely. That means designating a driver when you go out to drink and it means staying off the road if you don’t have a license. Trust us, we deal with DUI and OVI cases in Ohio every day at Taubman Law and we know how seriously the police take all road offenses.

Cleveland – Today Michael McGrath, Chief of the Cleveland Division of Police and Thomas McCartney, Commander of the First District, announced that First District officers will operate a driver’s license checkpoint to deter and intercept unlicensed drivers. First District officers will conduct the driver’s license checkpoint between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. at W. 117th Street and Linnet Avenue.

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All weekend we’ve warned of check points all over Northeast Ohio this Halloween. There were a few last night, and we have details on more tonight.

There will be one in Warren 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. They will do two locations. The first will be on US-422. The second will be on Summit Street between US-422 and State Route 45.

There will also be a check point in Stow tonight around Stow High School. For those that are going to the Halloween celebration at Kent State, this is right around the corner.

There will also be saturation points all over Northeast Ohio tonight. The moral of the story? Designate a driver before you go out.

Have a safe and candy-filled weekend. We’ll see you next week.

No matter how many times we post information about how dangerous it is to drive drunk, people still do it. Here’s another reason not to: The Ohio State Highway Patrol sent out a press release to its media partners yesterday stating there would be check points across the state looking for DUI and OVI this weekend.

This means two things. One, The Ohio State Highway Patrol finally respects us as media partner, as it sent us the release. (We also practice law, in case you haven’t heard). Two, if you’re going to go out and drink this weekend, designate a driver.

Here is the information from the press release:

COLUMBUS- The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that troopers will operate an OVI checkpoint to deter and intercept impaired drivers this week.

The county where the checkpoint will take place will be announced the day prior to the checkpoint, and the location will be announced the morning of the checkpoint.

“Based on provisional data, there were 338 OVI-related fatal crashes in which 370 people were killed last year in Ohio,” Colonel David W. Dicken, superintendent of the Patrol, said. “State troopers made 24,245 OVI arrests last year in combating these dangerous drivers. OVI checkpoints are designed to not only deter impaired driving, but to proactively remove these dangerous drivers from our roadways.”

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Loyal Ohio OVI readers: Our list has been stolen. Or lost. Or something. Whatever happened, the city list we used to compile our weekly check point blog is gone. We need to rebuild it.

So we’re reaching out to you. Tell us what Northeast Ohio cities we should call each week and we’ll do it. Do it by commenting on our blog, shooting us a note, contacting us on Facebook or tweeting us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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A few times the Ohio OVI blog has been asked why we post the weekly OVI/DUI check points in Northeast Ohio. One reason, of course, is to get the word out about Taubman Law and our Cuyahoga County DUI site. But more than that we genuinely don not want to drive on roads with drunk drivers. Our hope is that attention on check points will deter people from driving drunk.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re helping. A recent South Euclid check point, which we shared information about on this blog, turned up 38 citations, but none for drunk driving. Interesting.

While there were no OVIs or DUIs issued, there were 12 drivers cited for driving without a license on their person, 10 for failing to wear seat belts, nine for driving under suspension and seven miscellaneous offenses.

If for some reason you need legal help with DUI/OVI, we do more than just blog at Taubman Law. Contact us.

Note: This post is brought to you by Chris McDade and Insurance Consultants Group to inform you of the process involved with DUI/OVI in Ohio. You can contact Chris if you have insurance questions.

When you are in the process of getting your license back after a DUI or OVI, you will find that providing insurance is a necessary requirement in Ohio.

Whether this is this your 1st or 2nd offense, it is important to work with an independent insurance agent, as the process can be difficult. An independent insurance agent is one who has the ability to work with more than one company. You will find this to be a great benefit as you will save money from the multiple options and companies presented to you.

With most companies you could expect to pay a higher rate on your insurance after a DUI or OVI, however thanks to an insurance consultant, these potential extra expenses can be minimized as much as possible and in some cases eliminated all together. You may be surprised to learn that some companies have very unique programs which can greatly assist in lowering the rates of your insurance after a DUI, OVI or any traffic violation. For instance, there are certain companies in the market today who may choose to count your 1st DUI or OVI offense as only a normal traffic violation. This could help significantly since a normal traffic violation is not weighted as heavily as a DUI or OVI is in the calculation of your insurance rate.

Other companies have unique programs which they agree not to count a violation against the policy holder; in exchange the policy holder volunteers to have a “black box” temporally installed in their car for six months. This “black box” monitors driving habits and calculates fast stops, top speeds and how much driving is done after 2 AM. At the end of the six months, if the driver has proven him or herself to be a good driver then the violation may no longer count against their insurance rate.

Is this your 2nd DUI or OVI experience? There are still programs for you as well. Safe Defensive Driving Courses may also lead to additional discounts. In some cases it can be worth the cost of a supplemental driving class to possibly save a percentage on your insurance.

If you have a DUI or OVI, it is important to note that you have options with your insurance. You should check with an independent agent such as myself to discuss the options that could best suite your situation.

To request a free quote and for more information on Chris McDade and Insurance Consultants Group please visit: www.chrisinsuranceconsultant.com.

This post is part of the Ohio OVI Blog’s attempt to make sure you know what will happen to you if you’re arrested for DUI or OVI in Ohio. As always, we want to make sure you have the right information at every step of the way. If you’re facing legal trouble, contact Taubman Law or Brian Taubman today to discuss your options.