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Good Thursday to you, Northeast Ohio. We hope you and your computer aren’t too frozen to enjoy some time with your friends at the Ohio OVI blog.

It looks like the cold temperatures have prevented any checkpoints in the Cleveland/Akron area for this weekend. At least, that’s the case with the police stations we called. As always, however, we still want you to drive safely. Remember, drinking and driving is never a good idea, even if you think the brisk air will wake you up.

That said, last week we challenged you to give us more cities in Northeast Ohio to call during the creation of our weekly checkpoint list. We do a good chunk of the area but would love feedback before the heavy checkpoints start again in the spring. We heard from some of you via Twitter and Facebook, but need more help. Got any ideas? Comment below and we’ll add them to the list (assuming we’re still talking about Northeast Ohio).

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend. If you’re in need of OVI/DUI defense, feel free to contact us.

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Ok, so maybe it won’t be with a vengeance, but some of you may have noticed that we haven’t been doing as much with our Ohio OVI Blog lately. The fact of the matter is, there isn’t much to do. The winter weather has limited the number of drivers on the road and the number of police checkpoints being run.

But, whether you can believe it or not, spring is approaching. Here comes the sun!

With the sun will come, unfortunately, more drunk driving accidents. This means checkpoints throughout Northeast Ohio. Now, we already call more than 25 stations on Thursdays to see if they are running checkpoints, but we’re willing to call more. Have a city/town/county we don’t check that you’d like us to start calling? We’ll add them to the list (caveat: Northeast Ohio only. Sorry, Athens County friends and fans). Comment here or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (@OhioOVINetwork).

As always, our number one goal is to report public information and keep the streets safe. Drinking and driving is a bad idea. If you drink, don’t drive. That’s the one thing we know.

As we begin to make more calls and expand our presence, we’d also like to reach more people through social media. Our goal: 1,000 followers on Twitter and 1,000 fans on Facebook this summer. If that sounds like something you can vibe with, like us at the top of this page or find us on Twitter (@OhioOVINetwork).

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend.

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Snow. Ice. Snow. Ice. Cold. Are you as tired of it as we are?

Let’s not discuss it any further. The fact of the matter is, the weather has us down, but we’re still trying to go about our business here at Taubman Law. In so doing, we made our regular calls to local police stations to find out if there are any DUI/OVI checkpoints this weekend.

From our calls, it looks as though the snow and ice is also preventing the law from scheduling anything. We couldn’t find an area in Northeast Ohio that was having a checkpoint but, as always, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your responsibility to drive safely. The snow and ice make roads treacherous enough. If you’re going to be out and about having a drink, designate a driver. Trust us, it’s safest that way.

That’s all for this week. Stay warm and dry. If you need us for anything from OVI/DUI defense to workers’ comp claim help, give us a buzz.

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We doubt that you have any interest in hitting the streets this snowy weekend, but we take our Ohio OVI Blog very seriously, so we figured we’d do our checkpoint list anyway.

Not suprisingly, there aren’t any planned in the areas we called. Per usual, we checked throughout Northeast Ohio.

As always, no checkpoints doesn’t mean driving drunk is an option. The roads will be slippery and the cops will still be on the lookout. If you do go out and drink, designate a driver.

Have a great weekend. If you do stay in, feel free to spend some time on our Cuyahoga County DUI site. Or, if you have a personal injury, workers’ comp or DUI case, give us a call.

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Our defendant was pulled over in Vermillion, Ohio, for speeding. After submitting to a field sobriety test and failing, the defendant was arrested and transported to the police station. At the station he refused the BAC and was subsequently charged with an OVI and an ALS suspension for a year.

After three appearances in court, various motions and extensive negotiations with the prosecutors office we were able to get the charges reduced to failure to control (zero points on the license). In addition, we were able to get our client very liberal occupational driving privileges during this time. We are currently working to get the court to drop his ALS suspension four months premature to the year.

Having a legal issue and need client service? Call Taubman Law and let us defend your rights.

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Happy Saturday and happy 2011, Northeast Ohio. We hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve.

We noticed a lot of people around town were taking our advice and using designated drivers last night. It’s a good thing, too, because there were saturation points all over town set up to catch drivers who had been drinking.

If you were one of those drivers pulled over for DUI/OVI, you now need to make sure your rights are being protected. We have years of experience defending people on DUI/OVI charges in Ohio and we always put our clients’ needs first.

If you need help, contact us. If you want to read more about our OVI/DUI experience, visit our Cuyahoga County DUI site.

As always, we’re happy to help defend your rights.

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Happy weekend to you Northeast Ohio. We’ve done our weekly research on checkpoints in the area for December 3-5 and didn’t find any to mention.

Of course no listed checkpoints doesn’t mean you should forego your responsibility to designate a driver if you go out for drinks. With snow falling all over town, driving safe is important.

As always, if you need the team at Taubman Law to help you with your case – whether that case is personal injury, workers’ comp or DUI/OVI, let us know. We’re happy to help.

We’ll see you next week. Go Browns!

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In an effort to keep drunk drivers off our street, the City of Cleveland announced that it will have a checkpoint today. Details have yet to be released, but it will be in the First District. We are awaiting a press release with more details and will update you when we hear more.

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We all know that Thanksgiving is one of the top times of the year for DUI and OVI check points, but it looks like the weekend leading up to it will have plenty of cops out and about.

While the details are still coming in, this weekend we already know there will be a sobriety checkpoint in Cleveland on Saturday (this in addition to a driver’s license checkpoint tonight). The checkpoint will be at W. 28th and Broadview Road from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.

You know what we’re going to say next: Even in areas where there aren’t checkpoints you should ALWAYS designate a driver if you’re going to drink. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an OVI or DUI. The punishment for either can be severe (as outlined in our Cuyahoga County DUI pages). We handle DUI and OVI cases at Taubman Law and, even though we’re quite good at it, we don’t want you to need our services.

That’s all for today. We’ll post updates as we get them. Below is a list of all the cities we called and if they are having a checkpoint or not.

Akron/Summit County – NO, but they will most likely have one during Thanksgiving week.
Beachwood – NO
Bedford – NO
Berea – NO
Brecksville – NO
Brooklyn – NO
Brooklyn Heights – NO
Cleveland Heights – NO
Cleveland – Cleveland has a sobriety checkpoint scheduled for this Saturday, November 20. The checkpoint will be at W. 28th and Broadview Road from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Also, Cleveland will be having a license check next week, as well as another sobriety checkpoint during Thanksgiving weekend location and time will be posted Tuesday, November 23.
Elyria – NO, but will have one scheduled during Thanksgiving weekend, we will update as soon we know more.
Garfield Heights – NO
Kent – NO
Lakewood – NO
North Ridgeville – NO
Euclid – NO, but they will most likely have one next weekend.
Ohio Highway Patrol – None scheduled in Cuyahoga County.
Independence – NO
Maple Heights – NO
Medina – NO
Mentor – NO
Middleburg – NO
North Royalton – NO
Olmsted Falls – NO
Olmsted Township – NO
Parma – NO
Parma Heights – NO
Portage County – Nothing scheduled this week, but on Saturday, November 27, there will be saturation patrols in Brunswick with the focus on State Routes 202, 2, and 18.
Rocky River – NO
Sandusky – NO
Shaker Heights – NO
Seville – NO
Seven Hills – NO
Streetsboro- NO
Strongsville – NO
South Euclid – NO
University Heights – NO
Valley View – NO
Wadsworth – NO
Warren – NO
Westlake – NO
Youngstown – NO

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We’d like to interrupt our usually scheduled Ohio OVI Blog posts about check points and DUI news to let you know that we’re also here to help you with your legal problems here at Taubman Law.

This blog is generally created by me, Brian Taubman, and I was out this weekend driving around noticing that despite the fact that there were no check points people were still getting pulled over for DUI and OVI. While I never advocate drinking and driving, I do advocate making sure your rights are protected. If you ran into any trouble this weekend – I don’t care if it was your first DUI ever or your third super DUI – you have rights and you need to understand the law. We handle all kinds of OVI and DUI cases at Taubman Law. Check out our Cuyahoga County DUI page for an understanding of what your rights are and then contact us and we’ll take care of you.