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Happy New YearWait. What the hell happened to 2013?

Whatever happened, it’s basically over. 2014 is charging down the tracks from Timeland like a runaway freight train. Hopefully you’ll be celebrating its arrival with champagne, fancy hats and those noise maker things that don’t have an official name.

But as you celebrate, make sure you have a safe ride home. We originally shared information about four checkpoints in Columbus tonight, but our source was wrong on those. That said, they are actively focusing on saturation patrols across central Ohio.

We have not heard of any formal checkpoints in Cleveland, Toledo, Cincy, Akron or Dayton, but many local police are doing saturation patrols (where they have several officers posted in high traffic areas).

Designate your driver now or start 2014 on a really cruddy note.

In old news to our loyal readers, we’d like to thank the fine folks at Taubman Law for another year of this blog. They don’t write many posts, but they keep us up to date with checkpoint information and, most importantly, keep the blog turned on. If you have an OVI/DUI case, a workers’ comp case or a personal injury case, take it to Taubman Law.

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Happy Friday to you, Ohio.

Before you popped the cork on another fun summer weekend, we wanted to hit you with our weekly reminder to drive safely. As always, the police are on the lookout for drunk drivers, so designate your driver now.

This weekend is Krusty Fest in Cleveland. We thought that would mean a checkpoint for sure, but there are none scheduled. That said, expect saturation points around Whiskey Island, downtown and Lakewood.

Central Ohio will be a little more active. We know of two checkpoints on Friday night.

Lancaster will have one on East Main Street, just east of Graceland Drive from 9 pm to 2 am.

West Jefferson will have on on Route 40 from 9 pm to 1 am.

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It’s been a hot, hot summer, but there’s still plenty going on around Ohio.

We like to party at the Ohio OVI Blog, but we also like to designate our drivers. Let’s dive into some details about checkpoints for this upcoming weekend.

There are plenty of fun parties going on around Cleveland the next few days, including Scene’s Fourth Annual Ale Fest at Lincoln Park (not the loud band, the nice park). This means there will likely be saturation points throughout Northeast Ohio. We also know of two checkpoints in NEO.

Euclid is going to have one Friday night. It will be held near Interstate 90, but they did not release exact times.

Cleveland will have one as well. It will likely be on Saturday around W. 116 (we’d originally said W. 117). We have heard the time yet. We’ll keep you updated.

There’s plenty going on in Columbus as well. We don’t know what, because we haven’t been invited to anything. That said, there’s a checkpoint in Columbus Friday night. It will run from 9 pm to 3 am on Refugee Road, east of Courtright Road.

Finally, there is also a checkpoint in Port Clinton tonight starting at 10 pm. It will be on Perry Street and it runs through 1 am.

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OK, OK, it’s Friday night already. Please stop banging on the doors of the Ohio OVI Blog executive offices asking where our next post is. We’re running a little bit behind. We were busy commenting on some Facebook posts of old college friends.

But we’re here now and better than ever. Well, we’re here anyway.

Here’s what we know: There will be a checkpoint in Clark County tonight. We were not given details on time or location.

Here’s what we think we know: The checkpoint in Parma we had originally said was this weekend likely isn’t this weekend. We don’t have any further details on that right now, but we’ve been trying to find out more.

Here’s what we don’t know: Is there a checkpoint in Columbus this weekend? Maybe. We’ve heard from some Facebook commenters that there is, but we haven’t heard anything for sure.

Here’s some advice: If you like the sauce, designate a driver before you hit the town. Do it.

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All right, it’s time to get green, Ohio.

As you may have heard, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend. The fact that it’s a holiday that celebrates green beer means that it also attracts cops. What’s more, this time around it’s on a Saturday. So the checkpoints this weekend are aplenty, as the kids say.

Let’s get down to business. First, Friday night.

We haven’t heard about much for Friday, but Columbus will have one on Olentangy River Road, just east of Grandview Heights. It will take place in the area just south of W. 3rd Avenue and run from 9 pm to 3 am.

We’ve also found out that Lima will have one Friday on State Route 309 in Allen County. It will run from 9 pm to 12 am. (To clarify for those sad people – like the author of this post – who watch “Glee,” this is in Lima, not the rough streets of Lima Heights.)

All the other information we have is for Saturday, March 17.

Cleveland will have one on Huron and W. 6th St. They did not give us a time, but it will be after the parade, most likely in the early evening.

Columbus will have one on Saturday in southwestern Columbus. We don’t have any other details yet.

Franklin County will have a checkpoint in the southwestern area of the county on Stringtown Road, west of Gantz Road in Grove City. It will run from 9 pm to 3 am.

Medina County did not report a checkpoint, but they are planning increased saturation patrols in Wadsworth.

North Royalton has one scheduled from 7 pm to 11 pm. It will be on Route 82.

Olmsted Falls has one scheduled for Bagley Road. It will run from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Springfield has announced that it will work with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to conduct a checkpoint Saturday night. They have also announced increased patrol units for Friday and Saturday night.

Summit County will have one in Akron on Portage Trail. We didn’t get an exact time, but expect it will run from 7 pm to 11 pm.

UPDATED: Portage County/Ravenna reported that The Ohio State Highway Patrol will run a checkpoint on State Route 43 tonight from 10 pm to 3 am.

That’s all we have for now. We’ll keep updating this post and others over the weekend.

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It looks like the travels brought about by Thanksgiving were a little safer than normal this year in Ohio. Today the Ohio State Highway Patrol issued a release that showed fewer fatalities in 2011 than the previous two years. Here is a bit of the release from the State Highway Patrol:

… COLUMBUS – Provisional numbers released today by the Ohio State Highway Patrol show fewer motorists were killed on Ohio’s roadways this Thanksgiving Holiday. During the reporting period, which began Wednesday, November 23, at 12:00 a.m., and ran through Sunday, November 27, at 11:59 p.m., 14 people were killed on Ohio’s roadways. This is a decrease from the past two years when 18 people lost their lives in 2010 and 20 died in 2009. Additionally, this year’s reporting period was longer as it included the entire day before Thanksgiving while last year’s reporting began at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Impaired driving arrests increased more than 14 percent and drug arrests were up more than 37 percent when compared to last year’s holiday. One incident that resulted in the seizure of an estimated $800,000 in cash began as a traffic stop on Thanksgiving Day on Interstate 70 in Preble County.

“We are encouraged by the reduction of fatalities and the increase in the arrests of criminals using our highways to carry out their crimes,” said Colonel John Born, Patrol superintendent. “I hope that the success of this holiday weekend will continue throughout the remainder of the year.”

A complete statistical analysis of the Patrol’s enforcement activity over the holiday weekend and a photo of the seized cash are available at statepatrol.ohio.gov…

That’s all we have for today. We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Don’t forget to come see the Ohio OVI Blog’s own Brian Taubman at Around the Corner in Lakewood this Thursday from 7-11 pm. He’ll be guest bar tending with his mustache as part of his Movember charity efforts.

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We know what you’re thinking, Tuesday is an early day to hear from your friends at the Ohio OVI Blog. It’s true; Tuesday is usually ping pong day at the Ohio OVI Blog offices, but we have news we thought you might be interested in.

First, Cleveland sent out a news release today with news about a driver’s license checkpoint in the second district tomorrow (Wednesday, October 26). We’d mentioned this previously, but it’s officially on the schedule now and they will send out a release with an exact location tomorrow.

We also received word from the Columbus area that the Franklin County DUI Task Force will be operating a sobriety checkpoint this weekend. We don’t have the full details on that one yet, but will alert you when we know more.

That’s all for today.

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The checkpoint we detailed in our post last week Franklin County ended up in two OVI arrests across more then 360 cars stopped. While we never like to see anyone driving under the influence, it looks like 99.5 percent of people made the safe decision Friday night.

What’s interesting is that this same stop produced three arrests for marijuana. Not sure what this means about trends across our fine state, but that certainly caught our attention.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back later this week with more news on checkpoints across the state of Ohio.

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The Franklin County DUI Task Force announced today that they would be operating a sobriety checkpoint this weekend.

The checkpoint will be tonight on Frank Road, just east of US 62 in Southwestern Columbus (Franklin Township). The checkpoint will run from 9pm to 3 am.

As always, we at the Ohio OVI Blog want everyone to drive safely. If you are headed out for a few drinks this weekend, please designate a driver.

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Happy Friday, Ohio. Fall has been upon us most of the week, but nice weather looks to be blanketing most of the state over the weekend, so perhaps there’s time for one last bike ride, hike, round of golf or whatever else it is you do when the sun is shining.

We thought that the warm weather would have police out in full force, but it looks like a slow weekend for checkpoints.

The only checkpoint we’ve heard about thus far is in Columbus. The Columbus Division of Police will have this checkpoint on the city’s south side Friday night. It will be on South High Street, north of West Lawn Avenue, between 9 pm and 3 am.

That’s all for now. As always, if you need help defending your rights in an OVI case, let the experienced attorneys at Taubman Law (Northeast Ohio) or Hastie Legal Offices (Central Ohio) make your case. As always, we recommend that you never drink and drive. A designated driver is the way to go.

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