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I pride myself at diligently working every OVI/DUI case that comes across my desk. I don’t go into Court one time and simply plea out my client to an OVI. I take these things very seriously. An OVI is always on your record, it can never be expunged and can affect you livelihood.  If a person blows high (above .170 in Ohio) and we work at negotiating down the high tier, keeping him/her out of jail, filing motions to suppress, making sure there are no yellow (party) plates, keeping an interlock device out of the car, driving privileges etc.

Attorneys (or at least this one) wish we can beat every OVI/DUI that comes across our desks, but sadly this is impossible.  Some people’s past history, the particular situation leading to their arrest  how high the BAC was, and many other factors contribute to what a lawyer can and can not accomplish. However, many times the facts involved in the case help reduce the penalties for an OVI and when i do manage to get the OVI reduced the relief on my client’s faces make make it worth practicing law. I thought I would briefly share my last three OVI results since its been quite sometime since I have.


Client 1 – Was pulled over in Portage County for not having properly displayed license plates. She passed two out of three field sobriety tests and choose to blow at the station, where she blew .112. After reviewing the evidence, I filed a motion suppress the stop based on a lack of probable cause. At the day of the hearing, we were able to negotiate a lesser charge. My client still had to do a DIP program but doesn’t have to have an OVI charge lingering on her permanent record

Client 2 –  Was driving on 1-480 around 2:30 am and was caught speeding via pacing. My client failed the HGN test but passed the walk and turn and one legged test. He blew in the portable breathalyzer (which you are not legally required to do) and blew a 0.10 After reviewing the evidence, and multiple court appearance, we were able to get the OVI reduced. He was sentenced to a DIP program, AA meetings and community service.

Client 3-  My client got into a one car accident and was taken to the hospital. The accident occurred when she hit some ice and lost control of her vehicle. She was subsequently taken the hospital and blood was drawn. Her results came back showing a BAC above .170.  In Ohio anything above .170 is automatic jail time.  I was able to get the high tier OVI reduced and other charges dropped. She did the DIP program and AA meetings but no jail time.

While results may vary, the one thing that is constant is the hard work you will get at Taubman Law.

While I may defend OVI’DUI’s throughout Ohio, I in no way promote drinking and driving. Designate a driver, if you need a lawyer contact us.

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I write the Ohio OVI Blog. I prefer to keep my name off the posts. All questions you ask on the site are forwarded to the email of Mr. Brian Taubman, esquire.


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