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We’ve had an outstanding few months representing our clients. Although we can’t guarantee results, we do guarantee that we work every case diligently and treat every client like they are family.

Minor with an OVI and Open Container 

We were retained to help a 20 year old who was charged with an OVI and open container. In Ohio, the legal limit for a minor is .02 and being charged with an OVI at such a young age could drastically affect one’s life. My client blew a.09. I recommended he get an assessment, start AA and get into a DIP program. After vigorously defending him, filing multiple motions and hearings I was able to get the OVI reduced to a physical control. It was truly amazing to be able to help a young kid and make it possible for him to pursue whatever career path he chooses.

Gentleman who got drugged 

I was retained to help a gentleman who was cited for an OVI and failure to control. He was found passed out at red light and when he was awoken he struck an ambulance that was parked in front of his vehicle. My client who was an air force veteran claimed he was drugged at a bar. After hours of investigation and sworn statements we were able to get the accident dismissed and the OVI reduced to a physical control.


Young Lady with mental health issues

Taubman Law was retained by a young lady who was charged with F4 and F5 weapon charges and a high tier ovi. The client was battling depression and anxiety. We got the client the help she needed, AA meetings and group therapy. We were able to get the felonies dismissed and the OVI reduced to a low tier OVI, saving her from jail and the stigma of having a felony on her record.


Helpful Friend 

We were retained to help out a young lady who was pulled over driving her friends car with the lights off. The friend was intoxicated and our client was driving him home when she was pulled over. Once pulled over she performed filed sobriety tests and blew into a portable breathalyzer which came back at .02. The officer believing she was on drugs charged her with an OVI. Eventually the OVI was dismissed at the state’s cost and my client was free to go.


Drug Possession and OVI

We were retained to represent a 19 year old who was charged with an OVI and felony drug possession after a one car accident. We managed to get the young man the help he needed and the OVI dismissed. This case took over a year to work out between Municipal Court and the Court of Common Pleas and our client couldn’t have been happier with the results.


Dental Hygienist 

We were retained after a our client was pulled over for speeding. She was asked to do field sobriety tests and failed and then she blew a .082. We were able to get her OVI reduced to a physical control, saving her job and license.


Deer crossing

We were retained out in Geauga County when our client lost control of his vehicle trying to avoid a deer. He blew at the scene and eventaully had his blood drawn which back at .094. After a few pre-trials and motions we were able to get the charge reduced to a physical control, saving his CDL and the stigma of being charged with an OVI.


Birthday mishap 

We were retained to help out our client who was arrested and charged with an OVI on her birthday. This case is unique in that no one witnessed her driving. After numerous pre-trials and a suppression hearing we were able to get the charges reduced to a physical control, kept her fines down to the mandatory minimum and got her license back withing 4 months.


If you find yourself in a sticky situation, don’t hesitate to contact us here or call us at 216-621-0794 kamagra kaufen. We practice throughout Ohio and are avaialble 24/7.

Taubman Law

I write the Ohio OVI Blog. I prefer to keep my name off the posts. All questions you ask on the site are forwarded to the email of Mr. Brian Taubman, esquire.


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