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Pulled over by a cop after a drink, what to do?

First, take a deep breath and don’t freak out. This might be easy coming from an OVI/DUI attorney but even being pulled over for a speeding ticket freaks me out. First thing, grab your license, registration and insurance. I recommend putting the center lights on your vehicle and putting the window down only enough for you to slip out the materials the officer wants. If he or she asks you to put the window down a little more, you can ask him/her if you are under arrest if no, then you can tell him the window is fine where it’s at.

Second, never admit you’ve had a drink or two or just a beer three hours ago. I cannot tell you how many of my clients make this mistake. This admittance to having alcohol is just enough for the cop to ask you to perform field sobriety tests. Now in Ohio, you never have to do field sobriety tests. Many people do not know this, so when asked by an officer to take these tests, they are usually intimated and agree to do them. Now you can say whatever you want to the officer when he asks to take these tests, my knee hurts, one leg is longer than the other, I have poor balance to begin with so no thank you, it’s dark outside and I’m tired or I don’t want to. If you follow these steps you are limiting the evidence the state will use against when prosecuting you for an OVI/DUI in Ohio and helping your Criminal Attorney beat your charges.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the do’s and do not’s of what to do when you are pulled over. More to follow friends.

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