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Payment Options and Plans

We pride ourselves on offering competitive and reasonable prices for our legal services. However, it’s incredibly difficult to quote exact prices for our services since each situation is unique and warrants different amount of time and work.

We require an initial retainer of $500 dollars to begin working for you. You can pay this via paypal, credit card or in person at our office. This will constitute our appearance at an arraignment, a bond being set, and any motions which need to be filed on your behalf

However, there will be additional charges based on whether the motions require a hearing, the number of appearances for pre-trial and ultimately whether the cases can be resolved with or without going to trial. These additional fees can be charged in an hourly basis or a one time fee. Of course a time payment arrangement can be arranged. For more questions about payment plans and options feel free to call us at 216-621-0794 or email BrianTaubman@taubmanlaw.net

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your payment plans. Again, we understand that every situation is unique and requires different amount of work. In return we offer flexible payment plan and options.