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OVI Statistics in from Memorial Day Weekend

Patrol OVI and Drug Arrests up this Memorial Day weekend
Nine people killed on Ohio’s Roadways

Columbus – The Ohio State Highway Patrol made more arrests for impaired driving and drugs this Memorial Day weekend compared to the 2010 holiday. In addition, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, nine people lost their lives in nine crashes over the weekend.

Patrol OVI arrests increased nearly eight percent and drug arrests were up nearly 22 percent. The Patrol’s Columbus District, encompassing Central Ohio counties, experienced the highest amount of OVI and drug arrests, with 117 and 51 arrests respectively. The four-day reporting period began Friday, May 27 at Midnight and ran through Sunday, May 30 at 11:59 p.m.

The Patrol handed out 5,541 safety belt violations – an increase of more than 15 percent over 2010 – during 27,168 enforcement stops as part of their zero-tolerance policy in cooperation with the Click It or Ticket campaign.

The Patrol made 18,034 non-enforcement contacts, of which 5,718 were to assist motorists and 46 were to assist other law enforcement agencies.

Crash investigations were on the decline – down nearly 6 percent. Arrests for speed violations of 20 or more miles-per-hour over the speed limit were down four percent.

For a complete breakdown and map of Patrol activity please visit statepatrol.ohio.gov/doc/memorialday_2011.pdf

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