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OVI Checkpoints for April 25th weekend

Hi Friends of the Ohio OVI Blog,

The nice weather is slowly coming back to Ohio and with the beginning of Patio season upon us the summer of OVI checkpoints begins too.  We know of four checkpoints in the month of May and one this weekend. We expect a drastic decrease in drinking and driving this summer with awesome taxi apps like Uber and Lyft hitting the greater cleveland area, however if you find yourself in need of OVI/DUI representation in Northeast Ohio, contact us, that’s what we are here for. As always don’t drink and drive, find yourself a sober ride home.


April 25th

Walton Hills – will be on Northfield Road in front of Carr Bros. Concrete



Did I mention we’ve been practicing law in Ohio for over 38 years and do amazing work in Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice fields.  If you have an old workers compensation claim, give us a holler and watch us make you money off of something you totally forgot about.

Have a great weekend

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