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Ohio OVI/DUI Laws

Ohio DUI laws make it illegal for any person, anywhere in Ohio, to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or to operate a vehicle with a prohibited level of alcohol or drugs in their blood. An Ohio DUI/OVI conviction carries certain strict minimum penalties, such as minimum jail terms, suspensions, fines, and reinstatement fees. It is a serious offense with serious consequences requiring an attorney with a thorough knowledge of the legal issues involved and the implications for clients.

Two types of Ohio DUI charges: those for driving under the influence; and those for driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over a designated legal limit as determined by either breath, blood, or urine testing. If you test over the designated limit, it does not matter whether you were too impaired to drive, only that you were driving with a BAC the law disallows.

Ohio DUI License Suspensions: The first suspension in a large majority of drunk driving cases is the Administrative License Suspension (ALS). The ALS takes place immediately upon refusal to submit to the DUI tests, or upon testing over the Ohio limit (.08 for breath, for example). The ALS is for a minimum period of 90 days (1 year for a refusal) and is only terminated when you either plead guilty to a DUI, or win your ALS appeal. Aside from the ALS, a conviction also carries suspensions starting at six months. Not all DUI charges start with an ALS. This is because you may be charged despite testing below the OVI limit.

Ohio DUI Penalties: DUI Penalties can include jail, treatment programs, license suspensions, probation, and steep fines. In certain instances, the vehicle involved may be immobilized or even forfeited to the state. Penalties increase significantly for high BAC tests or for having prior drunk driving convictions. Ohio DUI convictions also cannot be expunged.

Without retaining a DUI attorney, the average citizen is unlikely to understand or appreciate Ohio’s DUI laws, or the impact a conviction may have on their driving record, insurance, and employment. In addition, you won’t get the same benefits and treatments at Court that another Defendant represented by an attorney would receive. Why take the chance? Contact our law offices to consult with an attorney who is knowledge about Ohio DUI Laws