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No checkpoints, no problem!

Hi Friends,

I admit I have been slacking with the posts as of late. The winter is a very slow time for checkpoints throughout Ohio. With the limited federal funding and all around crappy weather, police departments do most of their checkpoints starting around St. Patrick’s day up until the New Year.

When I started this blog four plus years ago, I had many ideas, thoughts and opinions. I wanted you, the public to know not only about OVI/DUI law but also criminal law.  With the lack of checkpoints until March, I think now is a good time to get back to the roots of why I started this blog. In the next few weeks, I will be adding tons of information related to OVI’s, I will be re-posting information helpful to what to do if pulled over, what cops are looking for, client testimonials, national news worthy articles and personal results in the court room. I personally would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my blog, for doing your best to stay out of trouble and for hopefully keeping my name, number and email in your cell phone if you or anyone you know ever needs an attorney.

Even though the state isn’t busy doing checkpoints that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy representing individuals arrested for OVIs. Below are results for the last three OVI cases I handled. Every case is different like every individual. Cases differ based on the municipality you arrested in, the amount of alcohol you have had, whether or not you refused or blew, if you took SFST and failed SFST, etc.

If you, a friend or a loved every need an experienced OVI attorney please contact me.

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Client 1.

Client one was arrested at a checkpoint located in the west side. He admitted to having alcohol at the checkpoint and was pulled to side where SFST was administered, which he subsequently  failed. He choose to blow and his BAC was .108. After three pretrials, we filed a motion suppress based on the illegality of the checkpoint and the improper administration of the field sobriety tests. After lengthy discussions with the prosecutor we manged to get the OVI reduced to failure to control while under the influence. While both are first degree misdemeanors, our client manged to not have an OVI on his record

Client 2.

Client 2 was arrested for an OVI in an east side suburb. While this case is still in the pretrial stage we did file an ALS appeal at the onset which we won. Winning an ALS appeal allows our client to drive with no restrictions and is incredible helpful in the later stages of the proceeding.

Client 3.

Client 3 was arrested for an OVI in a west suburb of Cleveland. He was arrested for numerous traffic violations as well as an OVI and a refusal. This case lasted around 9 months and at the end we were able to get the OVI reduced to a city code OVI (no DIP program) get the accompanying traffic offenses nollied (thrown out) as well as the refusal. Even though we didn’t get his OVI reduced we manged to minimize the penalties and the points on his license. Needless to say our client would have been happier if could have get the OVI reduced too but in the long run he was very happy with the work performed.

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