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Just one man’s opinion about the Cop Blockers/ Mr. Odolecki


If you haven’t read the coverage on this guy Doug Odolecki, the gist of his story is that he decides to go out about a half a mile from where checkpoints are set up with a sign and inform the public that there is a checkpoint ahead and directs them to turn around. His last time doing this, Parma police officers approached him and told him that informing the public was an obstruction of justice.  When they first issue him a verbal warning and instruct him to leave the area. Mr. Odolecki tells the cops that this  isn’t a Nazi state and that they are violating his constitutional rights.  It is at this point that the police issue him a citation

Why am I writing this?   I believe in the safety of our roads, I believe that people should be held accountable for their actions and I believe in due process and probable cause.  What does Doug believe in? Hindering a legal police operation, comparing the United States to Hitlers Germany (which i personally find insulting and ridiculous)  and endangering our roads and police officers. Hey Doug, did you know that turning around before a checkpoint gives probable cause to the officers to pull you over? Did you know that turning around can cause accidents and is illegal? The officers reasoning for citing you wasn’t becasue you were warning people, it was because you were endangering people and officers with your selfish actions.

Police checkpoints are public information, and we provide a public service compiling them in a central database for you to look through.   The important difference is that we are trying to encourage the public to make smart decisions about drinking and driving by providing them information about checkpoints; when Mr. Odolecki sits out on street corners with a sign, the passers-by have already made a conscious decision of whether or not to act responsibly.  Mr. Odolecki is clearly obstructing the efforts of the police to make the roads safer, while helping potentially guilty parties get off the hook. It is illegal to turn around.

It is for these reasons we want to make it clear that we do not support Doug’s efforts, even though at the surface it may appear that we have similar goals.  We do not.  It is not and never has been our goal to obstruct officers ability to keep the roads safe. It is our goal to help protect your constitutional rights, we’ve been practicing at Taubman Law for over 37 years  and  like to think we know how to.

We believe that providing you with information about checkpoints days in advance we can help you make smart decisions about drinking and driving.  This helps promote safer roads, which I think we can all agree is a good thing.

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As always this is just my opinion feel free to agree or disagree

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