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Injured at work in Ohio, now what?

Have you recently been injured at the workplace and wondered what to do next and why would I need an attorney to help me?

This is a complicated question to answer in one paragraph, so I’m going to break it down for you in a few posts. The first thing you need to do after being injured at work in Ohio is notify your employer. This is extremely important, there needs to be an incident report of your injury. One of the first problems you will run into while filing a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio, is whether your injury actually occurred at work and if it is causally related to your work place responsibilities. By notifying your employer you are making it easier for your claim to be allowed.

Your employer, whether they are self insured or state funded (explained at a later date) will most likely fight your claim from even being allowed, this is just the beginning of the employers attempt to minimize their exposure and your potential for recovery.

Second, if possible go to the emergency room, if this is not possible see a physician as soon as possible. This is important for a few reasons; (1) your claim has almost a zero percent chance of being allowed without medical to collaborate it (2) there is a statute of limitations for getting your claim allowed, two years from the date of injury or 6 months from the diagnosis of an occupational disease.
This is just the first steps for getting a workers’ compensation claim allowed in Ohio. We help people with their claims from all over the state including, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Akron and Cleveland. If you need help with your claim or have any questions on your old claims, feel free to contact us, our services are free unless we get you compensation.

Taubman Law has been practicing workers’ compensation in the Ohio for Forty years. If you’ve been injured or have ever been injured don’t hesitate to contact us. We will look at your claim free of charge.

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