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Happy Holidays friends, be safe and merry this season. Expect a post with some checkpoints around New Years. As always, if you have one too many egg nogs, don’t drive, hop a ride with Santa or Uber.

A present for all our followers:

Did you know that you don’t have to submit to a field sobriety test? That in fact if you refuse you be making it harder for the state I to gather more evidence. Generally I do not advise a client to submit to field testing. First, you probably aren’t going to pass. These tests are subjective and interpreted by the officer. They are looking for more than just whether you can keep yourself vertical for 30 seconds. Many clients think they have passed when in fact they haven’t. You’ve been drinking and these tests aren’t as easy to pass as your buddies tell you. There is no penalty for not taking the field tests. Unlike refusing a breath test, you won’t lose your license if you refuse field testing. Additionally, refusing gives the police less evidence to substantiate an OVI charge. If they arrest you anyway, you have a much better chance of beating the charge or getting an acceptable plea offer.

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