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Death of TV star – and potential involvement of alcohol – sets social media on fire

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As many have probably heard by now, ‘Jackass’ star Ryan Dunn was killed recently in an accident in Pennsylvania. Dunn, born in Ohio, was driving his Porsche late Sunday night/early Monday morning with a passenger. The details from there are thin. He may or may not have been drinking (Gossip site TMZ shows twitpics of him with a beer and reports from the bar had him taking three shots and downing three beers). The police say that speed may have been a factor.

Whatever the full story is, Dunn and his passenger died in the crash, which is tragic.

This tragedy has also set off a social media storm. Famed critic Robert Ebert, along with commenters across the web, have damned Dunn for driving while intoxicated. True or not, for those closest to Dunn it seems pretty cold. Salon did a well-written piece on the drama in the situation. Read the whole story here.

We’ll keep our eyes out for more details in this crash, but for now I think we can all agree that it’s sad two young men are gone.

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