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Checkpoint list for July 6-8

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OK, OK, it’s Friday night already. Please stop banging on the doors of the Ohio OVI Blog executive offices asking where our next post is. We’re running a little bit behind. We were busy commenting on some Facebook posts of old college friends.

But we’re here now and better than ever. Well, we’re here anyway.

Here’s what we know: There will be a checkpoint in Clark County tonight. We were not given details on time or location.

Here’s what we think we know: The checkpoint in Parma we had originally said was this weekend likely isn’t this weekend. We don’t have any further details on that right now, but we’ve been trying to find out more.

Here’s what we don’t know: Is there a checkpoint in Columbus this weekend? Maybe. We’ve heard from some Facebook commenters that there is, but we haven’t heard anything for sure.

Here’s some advice: If you like the sauce, designate a driver before you hit the town. Do it.

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