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Checkpoint list for April 13 to 15

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It’s nearly the weekend, so it’s time for us to update you on checkpoints throughout Ohio.

So far we’ve only heard about one for this (hopefully) sunny weekend.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will have a checkpoint in Portage County on Saturday night. They will release the time and date information on Saturday morning. We will try to circle back with them for details.

As always, our list is not exhaustive as we depend on several sources for our information. If you hear of another checkpoint feel free to contact us or post it on our Facebook page. We would also do our regular reminder that this blog does not support drinking and driving in any way. We report checkpoints to keep people aware of their rights and raise awareness about how cops are looking to stop drinking and driving. Our advice is always to designate a driver if you’re going to drink.

Opening Day…

As many of you know, last year we did a wonderful article on drinking while watching baseball. One of our intrepid reporters wore an ankle monitor while enjoying the festivities of Cleveland Indians’ opening day. We did the same this year, only this time our undercover source also had a breathalyzer. Apparently he lived this year’s experience to the max, however, and he still hasn’t filed his story. If you saw our writer out on the beat, and you see him again, tell him to sober up and send in his post. In the meantime, enjoy last year’s post again and keep checking back. As soon as we have it, you’ll get to read it.

See you next week. Same time(ish), same blog.

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