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A few thoughts on Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

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As many loyal Ohio OVI Blog readers know, our friends at Taubman Law are the reason this blog exists.

Taubman Law handles OVI/DUI cases in Ohio, but they also have great experience in workers’ compensation. Below they’ve put together some thoughts on the importance of understanding the legal process when dealing with workers’ compensation.

Legal matters should only be dealt by an expert in the field. Certain issues shouldn’t be taken lightly because the after effects of mishandling can be severe, thus harming the concerned parties. Though workers compensation policies are quite common across the commercial and industrial sectors, there are times when workers are not compensated by their respective employers as per the imposed policies.

Due to illiteracy, lower level labor force may not know the nitty-gritty of various legal and ethical matters. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a workers compensation attorney who can resolve the matter in a more professional and efficient manner. There are a number of benefits that workers (claimants) can have if they hire an attorney in this regard.

The following are some of the most prominent benefits.

1. Fair Treatment
The workers’ compensation attorney acts like a shield or protector. His/her job is to make sure that the claimant or suffered employee receives fair treatment from his/her employer and the insurance company the compensation is to be received from. According to law, no misconduct is bearable on part of the organization.

2. Minimal Risk
Legal proceedings are usually complex and thus incomprehensible for a layman. However, an attorney is a law expert and is certainly there to make sure that the claimant does not face any sort of a risky situation that can jeopardize his/her compensation, job, or anything else. In the absence of an attorney, the risks associated are substantially high.

3. Maximum Monetary Compensation/Reimbursement
Every organization has its own policies for workers compensation. Therefore, the attorney tries hard to receive the maximum amount of compensation from the organization that the employee is eligible for. However, the amount of compensation granted to the employee depends upon the severity of incidence or the otherwise.

4. Non-Financial Benefits
Along with monetary compensation and reimbursement of medical expenses, the attorney tries to seek other benefits from the organization as well. For instance, he/she can ask the organization to provide job displacement or social security to the claimant/sufferer incase of physical disabilities.

5. Best Thing Last
The best thing about hiring a workers compensation attorney is yet to come. The attorney’s professional fee is due only if the case resolves in the favor of the claimant. This amount is fixed in advance. However, the cost of documentation and formalities are still to be paid by the claimant.

For more on Taubman Law and how they can help you with your claim, visit www.taubmanlaw.net.

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