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Saturation points announced across the state for the holidays

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Happy holiday season, Ohio OVI blog readers.

We wanted to share with you a release we received this week regarding saturation points around the state for Christmas and New Year’s. It seems that the state is beefing up efforts to keep everyone safe by increasing state highway patrol help in conjunction with local police.

We don’t have any news on official checkpoints right now, but here’s a portion of the release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol:
“As part of national holiday enforcement efforts, the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services is assisting law enforcement around the state, including OVI task forces, in coordinating efforts to step-up enforcement of traffic and impaired driving laws. Last year in Ohio, 39 people died in alcohol-related crashes between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.”

As always, our hope is that you have a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks for visiting the Ohio OVI Blog.
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