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The final countdown to a great St. Patrick’s Day is on, and it looks like we’ll get some snow to remind us that this is a winter holiday. We made a few calls and sent a few emails today to find out about checkpoints throughout Northeast Ohio, but we couldn’t find any for this weekend. Many of the stations we talked to, however, mentioned they have plans for St. Patrick’s Day and the days following.

As we mentioned in our blog yesterday, we know the upcoming holiday will fill the streets with fun seekers, which means there will be checkpoints all over the area. Please let us know where you’re going to be heading so we know which areas to call. As always, we’re not encouraging drinking and driving. We want public information to be spread so people know that the police are on the look out for OVI offenders. In turn, we hope people will remember to designate a driver or call a cab.

That’s all for this week. Remember, if you ever do find yourself charged with OVI, you still have rights. Contact us and we’ll make sure they’re properly defended.

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Hello Northeast Ohio. As you probably know, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday have passed, which means that St. Patrick’s Day is almost here.

Since the green beer will be flowing soon, we’re coming out of our small break to start regular posts about checkpoints throughout the area. It’s no secret that warmer weather and a weekday holiday will have many people out drinking and driving, so you need to know the facts. We’ve already talked with several police stations and it seems like next weekend will have several checkpoints. We’re thinking ahead, so we’d like to know where you’re going to be around St. Patrick’s Day so we can compile a full checkpoint list.

Help us compile our list by commenting on this blog, finding us on Facebook or tweeting at us (@OhioOVINetwork).

As always, if you need help with OVI or DUI, contact us.