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Happy New Year, Northeast Ohio. We hope you’re over 2010 and ready to take on 2011 with a full head of steam.

We’re feeling refreshed after a week off at the Ohio OVI Blog and we’re back in action. We called our usual police stations for a checkpoint list this week and heard some interesting things. First, it appears there aren’t that many checkpoints. The only one we know of will be in Cleveland, but we haven’t heard where it will be as of this posting. Second, that doesn’t mean cops are giving up on catching drunk drivers. In fact, there’s a big focus on saturation points this weekend, which means nothing is set but there will be lots of cops looking for OVI/DUI in busy areas. Areas like downtown Cleveland, downtown Akron, etc. will be filled with cops trying to protect everyone’s safety.

So while the below report doesn’t show much action, please remember to drive safely this weekend. If you’re going to pound the champagne, designate a driver.

And, as always, if you need legal help defending yourself in an OVI/DUI case, give us a ring.

That’s all. Here’s the places we checked and what we’ve heard back thus far:

Akron/Summit County – Unable to get confirmation one way or another thus far.
Beachwood – NO
Bedford – NO
Berea – NO
Brecksville – NO
Brooklyn – NO
Brooklyn Heights – NO
Cleveland Heights – NO
Cleveland – Checkpoint scheduled for the weekend, we will update with a location when we hear more.
Elyria – NO
Garfield Heights – NO
Kent – NO
Lakewood – NO
North Ridgeville – NO
Euclid – NO
Ohio Highway Patrol – None scheduled in Cuyahoga County, we will update if we receive any more news. It wouldn’t be surprise if they had one one, but they’ll definitely have saturation points.
Independence – NO
Maple Heights – NO
Medina – NO
Mentor – NO
Middleburg – NO
North Royalton – NO
Olmsted Falls – NO
Olmsted Township – NO
Parma – NO
Parma Heights – NO
Rocky River – NO
Sandusky – NO
Seven Hills – NO
Seville – NO
Shaker Heights – NO
South Euclid – NO
Streetsboro- NO
Strongsville – NO
University Heights – NO
Valley View – NO
Wadsworth – NO
Warren – NO
Westlake – NO
Youngstown – NO

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Hello Ohio OVI readers. We have decided to take this week off of our normal checkpoint list. We will back for what we expect to be a busy checkpoint list next week.

In the meantime, drive safely. The roads are slick, lots of people are traveling and the cops are on the lookout for OVI and DUI.

If you want more from us, visit any of our other sites: TaubmanLaw.net or CuyahogaCountyDUI.com.

As always, if you need legal help for anything from DUI defense to workers’ comp, contact us today.

Happy holidays, Cleveland.

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So you’ve just been charged with DUI or OVI in Ohio. Do you know what to do now? Chances are, you don’t. It’s a scary position and you probably don’t realize that there are important parts of your case happening the moment you’re charged. Without sounding like a commercial – putting all of our cards on the table, we take DUI/OVI cases at Taubman Law - you need to understand your rights and you need an attorney to protect them. We never advocate drinking and driving, but we do feel it’s important you know your rights and you know how to make sure they are preserved. Here are some things you need to hold onto and some steps that can be sped up if you have the right legal team on your side.

1. Hold on to your citation and ALS signature sheet, this information is important to the beginning of your legal defense.

2. Contact Taubman Law, so our attorneys can begin to work for you. The following processes will be expedited with your help:
Jury Demand
Motion to Suppress:
-Traffic Stop
– Field Sobriety Tests
Discovery Requests such as:
– Breathalyzer where we will be looking at the date of service, manufacturer, compliance with the O.R.C.
– Videos – in order to get the police officer’s cruiser video, this request must be made timely and can prove to be helpful in you defense.

Now for some legal speak about this blog: This website is for advertisement purposes only and any information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your specific situation.The viewing of any part of the content of this website does not establish an attorney/client relationship between the attorneys at Taubman Law, and the viewer, and no such relationship is implied or should be inferred. Further more, the forwarding by e-mail of any information to the firm by any viewer of the website does not constitute the establishment of an attorney/client relationship. Visitors are discouraged from sending sensitive information through e-mail, due to the insecure nature of e-mail communication.

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Hello Ohio OVI readers. Happy weekend to you. It looks like another quiet week here in Northeast Ohio from a checkpoint standpoint. We checked in with our usual stations and haven’t heard of a checkpoint anywhere in the area. That said, if they get back to us with more information we’ll share it with you.

Now, of course, we’re still going to break out our know-it-all parent tone and give you your weekly reminder: Don’t drink and drive. Regardless of whether or not there are checkpoints out there it’s not safe. So if you’re going to have too much eggnog this weekend, designate a driver.

We’ll be back next week and anticipate a full list because of the holiday season. In the meantime, always feel free to give us a call to help you with DUI/OVI defense, workers’ comp, personal injury, malpractice, etc. Check out our website some time and see if we can help you.

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It looks like another week free of DUI/OVI checkpoints in Northeast Ohio. At the very least, that’s the case with the police offices we usually contact.

That said, the roads are wet – and a pile of snow is coming on Sunday – and drinking and driving is never safe. Here at Taubman Law we’d prefer if you designated a driver before you went out to paint the town this weekend. Do it. We defend a lot of people for OVI/DUI in Ohio and it’s an easy thing to avoid.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, enjoy the Snow Bowl the Browns will play with the Buffalo Bills this weekend and, as always, give us a call if you need some legal help.

See you next week.

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Happy weekend to you Northeast Ohio. We’ve done our weekly research on checkpoints in the area for December 3-5 and didn’t find any to mention.

Of course no listed checkpoints doesn’t mean you should forego your responsibility to designate a driver if you go out for drinks. With snow falling all over town, driving safe is important.

As always, if you need the team at Taubman Law to help you with your case – whether that case is personal injury, workers’ comp or DUI/OVI, let us know. We’re happy to help.

We’ll see you next week. Go Browns!